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Hello Ms. Burch,
My name is Roland Billings and I am a student at Missouri State University. I just started a class this semester that covers supernatural and paranormal phenomenon. I'm from Batesville, Arkansas and one of the reasons I'm taking the class is because of a legend in my hometown, about underground tunnels, glowing people, and "descendants of Noah."

I noticed your book starts with a reference to the bible about the sons of God and daughters of humans... do you believe that there really could be something like a half-man, half-angel? 

I'm thinking about writing my class paper about this topic, but wanted to get some more information from you before I submit the topic to my professor for approval.

If you have any resources you could point me to, that'd be really great.

I'm very intrigued.


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Hi there! Yes, I do believe that Halflings could exist. Let me tell you why. When I started writing this story and doing a bit of research on the idea, I discovered some threads to really strange happenings and interactions with people who ... who well, sound an awful lot like Halflings. Not completely human--but what a human might be capable of if they had a little angel blood in their systems. Their senses would be extremely powerful, they would be stronger, they would be capable of what we might consider super-human feats. The first one I discovered was the Barefoot Bandit. He fits the physical description of a Halfling, even being over six feet tall. One police officer said of him, "I had him in my hands, and he literally disappeared." Granted, the Barefoot Bandit's actions aren't very noble, but maybe he doesn't know he's a Halfing.

Sure has me wondering...

 I thought what I was doing was pure fiction. But I don't think so. I'm convinced there could be Halflings among us. Would you mind to tell me a bit more about Batesville and the legends surrounding your town? I'd really like to know.

Also, I'm going to try to find a link for you ... it's about a strange occurence in a cave. If I remember right, it happened in your area in Arkansas. Will send it as soon as I find it. Thanks for asking and I hope your teacher is onboard with you subject! 


You don't need a cave..just notice when you're at the mall sometime. If you're very intuitive you just might spot one !

I am interested in this subject matter as well after reading Halflings. As usual I'm on the hunt for fringe-ology and of course those surrounding God and angels.

Hello Erica and Dian. Glad you've joined the discussion! I think Dian may be right. I've been at the mall before and noticed a group of teens that just have an otherworldly vibe. I know it sounds silly, but try it. These young people are usually in smaller groups, the boys are tall and they seem confident beyond their years. If you give it a shot, and happen across some, you'll know exactly what i mean.


Good morning, Ms. Burch
My professor approved my research paper in class today, so I definitely would like to see the link you mentioned.

As far as the tunnels in Batesville go, let's just say I'm a skeptic, even though Professor Lamott tells us that's not logical.

In high school, the tunnels weren't much more than a hot spot for our weekend parties and four-wheeling trips. I suppose the local legend about the glowing people made us feel pretty cool and brave, but we never witnessed anything like that when we were there. To be honest, high school was probably stranger than anything we ever saw at the tunnels. :)

In my senior year, some friends and I had a pretty bad ATV accident near the tunnels (no one hurt, amazingly), and when the police and our parents found out that we'd been hanging out there, that kind of ended the whole thing. I dunno, I wasn't too broken up about it - the place kind of lost its edge anyway, and I think the legend is probably something dumb high schoolers made up in the 80s after watching E.T.

In my paper, I'd like to research how legends like this get started, and I'll probably investigate Batesville more to find out since I'm more familiar with it.

My professor is pretty encouraging of my paper, and he's funny... he just started blogging and vlogging about "Anthropological Phenomenology" (I think he made the term up). I'll try to get a link to his stuff for you to check out.

Thanks for your help - I'm looking forward to seeing what resources you can point me to.


You're going to find this really bizarre, but I can't find that link anymore. I looked everywhere. I KNOW I saved it. And i thought I'd remember where I'd discovered it but when I checked that site, it was gone! This isn't the first time that's happened either. While I was doing research, I could refer back to a site repeatedly, but once I chatted about it online somewhere ... gone.
I'm not ready to give up yet though. I saved a bunch of info on a zip drive. Will see if its there.

It wasn't on that one, but I did find an interesting piece. Four young people drive out to an old youth hang out.  The site once housed a secret government explosive factory connected by an underground tunnel network.


Anyway, they thought the place was deserted until they saw what they described as a being over 6 ft tall and half-man and get this, half-moth. Um, I'm guessing the wings would be the moth reference.

So, once again, we have teenagers, a party spot, underground tunnels, and a creatures 6 ft tall with wings. Halflings are sounding more and more real. What do you think?

Btw Roland, I'm very glad you weren't badly injured in the ATV accident. My young cousin was in one last year and the ATV rolled over on her. She was in a wheelchair for months, but she's a fighter and is back on her feet and doing great. (Hi Kelsey! Glad you're ok!)



Thank you Ms. Burch.

It's too bad about the links. If you ever find anything, I'd love to read up on this as much as I can. The story you mentioned about the factory and tunnel system is crazy! I'm starting to think that I should visit the tunnel system again when I go back home for break. I'll let you know what I find out, and if you don't hear back from me, you'll know the glowing blue people got me. haha, just kidding ;-)

That's pretty scary about your cousin... I honestly can't believe I only walked away from my crash with a scratch or two... We had been at one of our tunnel parties, and I was trying to show off my skills to a new girl at school who was really cute. She acted nervous about riding with me but when I told her I was going with or without her, she came along. It was great at first, but we were going too fast and I didn't see the sharp drop-off around a tight turn, and we tumbled end over end. I remember hitting a tree and everything going black, but I could hear my ATV slamming into trees coming down after me, and it didn't sound like it was stopping anytime soon. I was really dazed, and can barely remember what happened next. I only have fragments... I remember my head feeling really cloudy, but not in pain, just foggy... I remember Erin's (the new girl) golden-brown hair on my face and could have sworn the ATV was on top of her... I heard her say something, but can't remember what, and then I blacked out...

That's it. When I came to, it was much later at night and a cop was shining a light in my face. My four-wheeler was a good 50 feet away from where I was laying. I tried to ask about Erin, but the officer told me not to talk or move until the paramedics could come check me out. I blacked out again and didn't wake up until the next morning at my house. I woke up feeling 100% - like nothing had happened, but my parents still kept me from school for two days. They weren't too happy to learn about the parties, and since my ATV was totally wrecked, they thought I should spend a few days thinking about what I had done.

The ATV being wrecked wasn't the worst part though... When I got back to school, Erin was gone. People were saying that she had moved away, and anytime I asked if she was OK after the accident, no one knew what I was talking about or that she had even been at the party. I feel guilty about that. Like, maybe she had to move away because I almost got her killed? I dunno. I even looked her up on Facebook one time, and, nothing.

Anyway, I'm sorry I blabbed on and on. I haven't talked about that night in a while. It makes me feel weird thinking about it again. Who knows, maybe I'll find something worth writing about when I go check it out in a week or two. 
I gotta check with my professor to see if there's anything I should bring to document my visit - he's way too into that kind of stuff.

If you have any more stories about this kind of stuff, can you let me know? Professor Lamott wants at least 3 sources cited, and no - Wikipedia doesn't count. :)

Talk to you later!

Wow. That's a crazy bizarre story. I'd really like to know what you find out when you go back. When my cousin was under the four wheeler, she couldn't budge. At all. Its strange you think Erin was under the ATV...then gone. I mean it wouldn't be that weird if people at the party lifted it off her. But no one remembered her being there. Really strange, Roland. Keep me posted. And where is your professor blogging? I'm just curious about anyone who is an expert in anthropological Phenomenology :)

Hi Ms. Burch,

I talked with Professor Lamott, and he said he was very interested in my story about the tunnels, and definitely recommended that I go check it out. He said if I find anything, he'd come back with me and explore them with me to see if the legend has any merit. His blog is here: 

I'm headed home for Spring Break in about 6 hours, and I intend to spend most of the week interviewing people in my city about the myth, and will try to find where tunnel entrance is again. I'm not expecting to find anything, but if I do see something, how would I know if it's a halfling?

Thanks for your help Ms. Burch - I'll be back in a week or so! 

"Here's a basic physical description. Halflings are usually around six feet tall. They look like older teenagers with long, lean muscle and perfectly asthetic faces. Chiseled bone structure makes them really good-looking and they have a sort of other worldly aura about them. Lighter colored hair, anything from Zero and Vine's white-blond to Raven's dark blond/light brown.
But the most unusual thing is their eyes. All Halfling boys have blue eyes. They can be inky-dark, like Raven's or brilliant as the Mediterranean Sea like Mace's. Even the unusual silver-blue of Zero's eyes are enough to make you stop and stare."

this is her description of a halfling from "What is a Halfling" so is you notice this there you go! you found one! or jsut some wierd dude who looks exactly like its described lol

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