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Necronomicon-The Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Convention

How was my weekend? Well, I was chased by zombies, ate lunch across from a storm trooper, and spoke on a panel with one of the authors from Tales from the Crypt.

So, just a normal weekend.

When we arrived Friday we were greeted by various video game heros and fairy tale villians. My, how large they seem in real life. (Yes, the big, bad wolf was there, but I never found Riding Hood. Things may not have gone so well for her.)

You know I always love speaking about writing YA. One discussion got pretty heated when someone in the audience wanted to "debate" the need for curse words in YA books. Excuse me? The NEED for curse words? That's like saying the NEED for graphic violence. Puhlease! You don't want to be an author, you just have an agenda to push. Well, don't try to push it off on teens, 'cause they are waaay to smart for that.

If I'd had my laser shrink gun, I'd have ... oops, nevermind. I posted some pics from the Con. Hope you all enjoy them.

In fact, I'm curious about your opinion on cussing and YA? Do you think it should be there in every book? Do you think it's unnecessary? Does it depend on the character and the situations? Let me hear your thoughts. 

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